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Taking care of your dance shoes

on January 13, 2016  in TIPS & ADVICE

Dance shoes are an investment and you must learn to look after them properly in order to extend their life. Care instructions depend on the material they are made of, but there are some good habits you can create that will help your shoes last for a long time.

For satin shoes, ensure that they never get wet. For this reason, practice shoes should not be made of satin since they can fall victim to sweat stains since you’re wearing them for extended periods of time. At iLoveDanceShoes we use top quality satin that is durable and will last for many wears. If you need to clean them, be sure you use a cleaner that is specifically meant for satin shoes since many cleaners may be too harsh for this delicate material.

If you’ve recently purchased a pair of patent shoes be sure to regularly polish or use silicon oil to prevent cracking and sticking to the dance floor. This will also help to remove scuff marks and will prevent dirt from building up on them from the dance floor. Leather shoes should also be polished regularly to prevent dirt built up and to remove scuffs.

Consider purchasing clear heel protectors for your dance shoes. This will help to preserve the life of your heels while you turn and glide across the dance floor. Since heels often wear down the more you wear them causing the balance in the shoes to change as they wear down unevenly. Heel protectors will bear the brunt of this wear, instead of allowing your shoes to wear unevenly.

When you’ve finished using your dance shoes, whether practice or performance shoes, store your shoes in a bag that breathes. Ideally, you should allow your shoes to dry out in a cool dry place before placing them in a bag. The bag will help to protect them from dust and dirt while you’re not wearing them.

Since dance shoes typically have suede soles that allow you to spin smoothly yet grip the floor, a shoe brush is a necessity when purchasing a pair of dance shoes. The suede on the sole of the shoe gets matted down over time and in order to prevent yourself from sliding around the floor, purchase a suede shoe brush from iLoveDanceShoes. The shoe brush will not only un-matte the soles, it will also clean out any dirt that has collected in the suede.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, never wear your dance shoes outside of the studio. No matter the material, dance shoes are not built for the street and will easily and quickly become damaged if worn outside, even for a moment.

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