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How to get the right fit

Posted on February 16 2016

Imagine a runner wearing a pair of shoes that are too small or too big. Imagine a skater with the same issue. When fitting any kind of athletic footwear, size is of the utmost importance. A dancer’s shoes are their number one tool on the dance floor that help with stability, movement, and flexibility.

A shoe that is too small will cause the dancer’s feet harm. Blisters, pressure points, and possibly even stress fractures are all in your future if your shoes are too small. Shoes that are too big allow for your foot to slide around, not letting you grip the floor, pivot, and move properly when on the dance floor.

Your dance shoes should fit snugly and your foot should stay in place as you move. Your toes should sit right at the end of the shoe, or if you’re trying on open toed shoes, then your toes should actually hang over the edge slightly. Dancers generally prefer to have their toes hang over the edge of open toe shoes so that they are feel the floor and for additional control.

iLoveDanceShoes is now excited to offer two additional widths of shoes. We are now offering both wide and narrow fitting shoes. In order to figure out which width you need, click here.

Please keep in mind that if you’re purchasing leather shoes then you should actually buy them slightly snugger since they will stretch over time, with wear.

Here’s how to find the proper fit for your ballroom dance shoes:

  1. Tape a piece of paper on a hard, even floor.
  2. Stand on the piece of paper and trace your foot with a pencil held perfectly vertical.
  3. Measure from the end of your longest toe (either the big toe or the second toe) to your heel.
  4. Subtract a ⅕ to a ¼ inch for the width of the pencil.
  5. Use this chart to determine what size you need for your new pair of custom dance shoes from iLoveDanceShoes.

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