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How to choose Latin Dance Shoes

Posted on December 16 2015

When choosing a pair of dance shoes for Latin dance, there’s several important things you need to take into consideration including size, construction, heel height, and the style including the type of straps for women’s, and the material for men’s.

Let’s start with size. As we’ve stated before, when picking a pair of dance shoes, no matter what style, it’s critical you select the correct size. Your foot should be snug, but not cramped, and should not be able to slide around in the shoe when you move. Shoes that are too big and too small will severely impair your ability to move around freely. They can also be a danger - you’re more likely to trip if your toes are hanging off the ends of your shoes, or if your foot is sliding around.

Always be aware if the shoes you’re purchasing are in North American or European sizing. You may take a slightly different size, as the conversions are not always 100% accurate.

Next, we will discuss construction. Women’s Latin dance shoes typically have an open toe, and one of four types of strap types: t-strap, ankle strap, under arch strap, and cross over strap.


 Pallas Diamond


Under Arch Strap

Gemma Knots

Ankle Strap

Dahlia Lace

Cross Over Strap

Gazania Lace

Men’s Latin dance shoes tend to be made from either patent or matte leather and have a lace up closure. iLoveDanceShoes also has several pairs of men’s Latin dance shoes that feature canvas for a flexible, comfortable feel.

Women’s Latin dance shoes are engineered to hold the majority of your weight in the ball of your foot. They also come in different heel heights than ballroom dance shoes. Generally, professional dancers wear 2.5” - 3” heels in order to extend their legs beautifully. They also generally have one of two heel styles, flared and slim, both available from iLoveDanceShoes.

Men’s Latin dance shoes generally have Cuban heels that are perfect for stability and quick movements on the dance floor.

Finally, style should always be taken into account. Your shoes are an important part of your outfit when you’re a Latin dancer. iLoveDanceShoes offers both leather and satin materials. We also have a variety of colours, lace, braided, patterned, and gem encrusted styles. We also have a variety of optional decorations available such as feathers (Dahlia Lace), gold flower metal (Jasmine Crossover Strap), and diamonds (Plumeria Lace) that can be added to any pair of Latin shoes to create your own style.

Dahlia Lace  Dahlia Lace
Jasmine Crossover Strap Plumeria Lace


iLoveDanceShoes Latin dance shoes are always available for customization so that they match your outfit, level, and comfort requirements.

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