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How to pick the right practice dance shoes

Posted on December 17 2015

A dancer’s practice shoes are possibly the most important pair of shoes they need to own. It’s their practice shoes that they will wear day in and day out as they perfect their craft.

When selecting a new pair of practice dance shoes, there’s a number of things a dancer must take into consideration including fit, style, and heel height.

First, fit. The fit of your practice dance shoes is extremely important to take into consideration. Think about how often and for how long you’re wearing these shoes. You need them to fit properly. Your foot should be snug and stay in place as you move around the dance floor. When trying a pair of practice shoes on for the first time, take a walk around the room to ensure your foot doesn’t slide around and there aren’t any pressure points. If the shoe is too big or too small, it will probably cause blisters and other injuries.

You should be able to wiggle your toes comfortably. This is why many practice shoes have rounded toes - to give your foot a bit more room to breathe.

The second thing to take into consideration when buying a pair of practice shoes is the style. Depending on your preferred style of dance, you might prefer a different style of shoe. For example, the Zinnia is a zip up shoe made from mesh and leather. The mesh allows for extreme comfort when wearing these shoes for long periods of time. Your foot will easily be able to breathe and won’t feel too constrained.

For men’s practice dance shoes, the typical style is a lace-up, leather style with a cuban heel. This allows for quick movements while maintaining comfort and breathability.

The third and final feature to take into consideration when purchasing a new pair of dance shoes is the heel. You want a heel height that is comfortable for long periods of time, but still reflects something similar to what you’re used to dancing in. Basically, you shouldn’t practice in flat shoes because you won’t perform in flat shoes.

The heels on many practice are designed to bring the weight to the front of the shoe, which will help you execute your turns. You can also find practice shoes that have a three piece sole to make movements even more comfortable. The Agile for men and women features this type of sole. They provide superior balance and control while turning and sliding. These are one of our most popular styles of practice dance shoes.

Again, a dancer’s pair of dance shoes are one of the most important purchases they can make. Since they spend so much time in these shoes, fit, style, and heel height must be chosen very carefully. It’s for this reason that iLoveDanceShoes is the place to find your next pair of practice shoes. Not only do we have many styles of shoe, but you’re able to customize to your preferences, ensuring that your practice dance shoes become your favourite pair to wear!

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