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Can-Am Dancesport Gala 2018 (ooh-la-la!)

on June 25, 2018  in Events

Dancers! Grab your shoes and your costumes because the Can-Am Dancesport Gala is returning to Toronto for its 16th year! This year, the glitter will descend en masse on Toronto from July 19th to July 22nd.

Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle Hotel will be your home-away-from-home while you spectate or compete. And after a long day of competing, perhaps some relaxation in the indoor pool or whirlpool is in order? Just a thought.

Located on the harbour front, the hotel is a chassé away from the neon-lit Entertainment & Theatre District as well as the Lake Ontario waterfront. Come for the competition, stay for the city -- spectacular Niagara Falls is close by and should not be missed! The Can-Am gala will take place in the Frontenac Ballroom on the convention side of the hotel. Just follow the trail of sparkle. You can’t miss it.

Now in its 16th year, the Can-Am Dancesport Gala is recognized as one of North America’s top competitions and is open to Professionals, Pro-Am, and Amateur. The CAn-Am is a qualifying event for the coveted DanceSport Series competition title, part of Region 7. Top adjudicators from around the world will be present as judges and the competition also boasts one of the most rewarding prize purses on the continent -- over $120, 000 this year!

And if that wasn’t enough, there are other new and exciting things for 2018! The Pro/Am category will see the addition of Peabody (SIGN ME UP!), a 10-dance championship, Country and Western events, and Open Scholarships in the Senior 1 & 2 categories. In Amateur an under 21 Championship is now open, and the Mixed Amateur division now features open and closed single dances as well as American Style.

The competition will open bright and early at 8:30am on the Thursday (just give us the coffee already) and for those VIP package holders there will be a Welcome Reception to cap off the day at 5:00pm. Ticket holders will also have the pleasure of attending a (well-deserved) Champagne Cocktail reception on the Saturday at 6:00pm.

Come for the dancing, for the glitter...and the shoes. We’ll be there in style with our entire collection, ready to help you find that next level shoe to showcase your dancing! You can find us just in front of the Frontenac Ballroom on the main floor of the Westin Conference Center. As our booth is outside the ballroom there’s no need to buy ticket to get in. We will be there from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Thursday, July 19th to Saturday July 21st. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

For further details on the competition, visit the official website:

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