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Customizing the perfect salsa dance shoe

Posted on April 26 2017

The best part about ordering your dance shoes from iLoveDanceShoes is the ability to customize what you are looking for! That means, that if you're looking for the perfect pair of salsa dance shoes, you're on the right website. We are experts when it comes to helping our customers select the perfect customizations so that their shoes are absolutely perfect.

First, the heel. On shoes for salsa, the heel is placed perfectly in the middle of the dancer's heel to promote stability. The heels from iLoveDanceShoes are available between 1.5" up to 4" high. We recommend you select your heel height based on your level of dance - the more advanced dancer should select a higher heel, while a more novice dancer should select a lower one. 

In general we recommend a slim, pencil, or flared heel for salsa dancers. The recommended heel height for the majority of our shoes is 2.5".

Up next, let's talk about the type of straps your shoe should have. Our salsa shoes come with a variety of strap options: ankle strap, t-strap, crossover strap, and the double cross strap. All of these styles provide serious support, no matter your level of dance however, the t-strap crossover, and double crossover provide the most support. 

And finally, the material! Your shoes for salsa, should stand out! You want to draw attention to your feet as you move quickly across the dance floor. Often, salsa dancer select shoes with crystals or embellishments. With iLoveDanceShoes, both your shoes and their heels can have crystals! 

In terms of material to select, iLoveDanceShoe offers three options for women: satin, soft leather, and lambs leather (available only for Fantisia practice shoe). All of our materials are of the highest quality - so it really depends on the look you're going for and what will look best with your outfit!

Take a look at our customization options in our latest catalogue here.


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