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The Latest Trend In Dance Shoes: The Dance Boot

on September 13, 2017  in NewsPRESS

We are so excited to present something very new to iLoveDanceShoes: The Dance Boot! We have two women's styles of dance boots currently available The Audra and The Simone.

Dance boots are very trendy in the dance world right now, but they do require some getting used to. Boots are fantastic if you're wearing pants or leggings to dance in since you can tuck them in - but they'll also work with dresses and skirts of course. They are very versatile.

There's a bit more freedom when it comes to wearing boots vs. traditional sandals, which is helps to make you more conscious of your foot placement. When trying on a pair of dance boots, make sure that they fit snuggly around your foot and your ankle and calf. It should be a 'sock-like' fit. Snug, but not uncomfortably tight.

The Simone is a sturdy and comfortable boot that goes up to the mid-calf. It's made from suede and has flashy patent leather stripes on the sides. The Simone is perfect for all styles of ballroom dance and dancers of all levels.

The Audra is sleek and sexy. You can easily wear this style as a professional, during competition or for a night out on the town. This boot is made from leather and has elastic around the calf for a very comfortable and easy fit. You'll easily be able to wear this boot for long periods of time since the heel height gives you the perfect lift and the leather is soft and comfortable. The Audra is perfect for all levels and styles of ballroom dance!

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