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Ballroom Shoes (Men)

Our Ballroom dance shoes for men offer stability, comfort, and style for casual, professional, and competitive dancers. Our shoes are lightweight to prevent your legs from tiring quickly. This is an important feature in dance shoes, especially for men. Our shoes also offer extra cushioning and support, while providing flexibility for the foot.

We make great effort to provide quality in the design of our shoes. Our Ballroom shoes have three layers of leather for the inner sole and are handcrafted using the highest quality materials such as leather, patent leather, canvas, and suede.

We have the largest selection of men's Ballroom dance shoe styles. Certain models can be customized by selecting material and color.

Our Ballroom shoes have been selected by top competitors and judges in Europe and North America. Our shoes are worn by world champions and have been displayed at major ballroom events and competitions such as La Classique du Québec, the Tulip Classic, the Can-Am in Toronto, and the Rocky Mountain Dancesport in Alberta.

In Canada, iLoveDanceShoes has partnered with the top ballroom dance schools such as Arthur Murray, Centre Ballroom Sport (Montreal), Let's Dance Ottawa, Edgett Social Dance Studio (Halifax), and Elite Dance Studio (Edmonton).

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