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Latin & Salsa Dance Shoes

Whether you need shoes for practice, teaching shoes, competition, or social, we have the perfect Latin dance shoe for you. A proper dance shoe will help you to move smoothly across the dance floor and can help prevent injuries to your knees and joints.

Our Latin shoes feature suede soles that allow you to execute every pivot and underarm turn with smoothness and stability. These highly flexible soles also make it easy to point your toes. Look good and feel great with shoes or boots that you can show off on the dance floor.

Looking for unique women’s Latin dance shoes? Certain models can be customized by selecting:

Material: satin, silk, leather (soft, lamb, patent, embossed) or suede;

Heel: slim high heel, Spanish heel, or Cuban heel

For more details of our customization choice, please visit our  Customize Your Shoes. page.

Browse through our collection of women’s footwear for Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and other Latin dance styles. Need help choosing the right pair of dance shoes? Read our Guide The Perfect Pair of Latin /Salsa Shoes


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