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Practice and Teaching Shoes for Women

If you spend hours and hours practicing or teaching, you need the right equipment. Practice shoes can help maintain your posture, health, and comfort. They are designed with extra durability in mind and will save the wear and tear on your competition or performance shoes.

Our practice shoe collection offers many choices for style, color, and fabric. Choose a color combination to suit your personal taste -- and for some models, there are more than 18 different bright and exciting colors available! For women’s dance practice shoes, we offer two styles of sole: a solid sole for extra support and split sole for additional flexibility. Almost all of our women’s practice shoes have low heels (2.2 inches, 2 inches or lower). Browse our collection of practice shoes for Ballroom, Salsa, Latin, Tango, and other social dances.

Need help finding the right practice shoe for dance? Read our guide:       choosing practice shoes

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