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Amaryllis - Women's Argenting Tango Dance Shoes
Amaryllis - Women's Argenting Tango Dance Shoes

Amaryllis - Women's Latin / Salsa / Tango Shoes

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The Amaryllis is a comfortable Argentine Tango dance shoe that is comfortable supportive, with a beautiful, classic shape. This open toe, t-strap shoe is a hard leather sole inside and out, which is perfect for sliding and pivoting while on the dance floor. The 3" slim, sexy heel is comfortable and easy to wear.

The Amaryllis is a classic, hard leather soled shoe with a patent leather body. These dance shoes are perfect for Argentine Tango, or any other kind of dance such as salsa, ballroom, and all kinds of Latin dance.

It is available in two colour combinations: black with a red t-strap or red with a black t-strap.

Colour Options: Black (red t-strap), Red (black t-strap)

Material: Patent leather (with hard leather sole)

Heel Height Options: 3.0 inches (This heel can't be customized) 

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