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Practice and Teaching Shoes (Men)

Men’s practice shoes are designed with extra durability in mind and will save the wear and tear on your competition or performance shoes. Dance practice shoes offer support for your arches, ankles, knees, and legs for hours of practice.

Our practice shoes are split sole for increased flexibility and are made with low heels (1-inch or 1.5-inches) or 2-inch Latin heels. Shoes are crafted of leather, canvas, or mesh for comfort and breathability. Browse our collection of practice shoes for Ballroom, Salsa, Latin, Tango and other social dances.

Need help finding the right practice shoe for dance? Read our guide to choosing practice shoes.


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                Liam - Men's Ballroom / Salsa / Tango Shoes


                Blade - Men's Practice Shoes & Training Shoes


                Thornton - Men's Ballroom / Salsa / Tango Shoes


                Agile - Men's Outdoor & Indoor Practice Dance Shoes


                Duello - Men's Ballroom / Salsa / Tango Shoes


                Fly - Men's Salsa / Tango Shoes / Practice Shoes


                Urbane - Men's Practice & Training Dance Shoes

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