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Redgrave - Women's Latin / Salsa Shoes

Redgrave - Women's Latin / Salsa Shoes

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Show off your moves in style with the Redgrave, a classically elegant Latin shoe. Featuring a wrap-around strap, this shoe offers a versatile look while providing maximum stability. The wide straps around the foot ensure that your toes will not unexpectedly pop out, but remain secure while you’re on the dance floor.

The Redgrave is the perfect Latin shoe. With an easy and comfortable fit, it’s perfect for performance or competition, and dancers of all levels.

Material: Satin

Colour Options: Tan (standard) / Skin/ Black /Red

Heel height options: 1.5 / 2/ 2.2 / 2.5/ 3.0 inches

Standard Heel height: 2.5 inches

*** Extra fee for customizing color (other than tan color) and heel height (other than 2.5" flare heels) - Standard delivery time is 4-5 weeks for customized shoes.

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