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Dancing Up Mount Olympus: The Tulip Classic 2019

Dancing Up Mount Olympus: The Tulip Classic 2019

Dancers! Shake out your togas and pack your bags, because this year the Tulip Classic Championship is headed up Mount Olympus! (Via Niagara Falls, don’t worry)


This year’s divine extravaganza will be held from Wednesday June 5th through Sunday June 9th in the shared ballroom of the Sheraton On the Falls and the Crowne Plaza on the Falls. The Tulip Classic is one of the biggest in the history of Ontario’s dance scene. Dancers come from over 25 states and provinces across North America and sixty percent of attendees are American. Organizers estimate that there will be about 500 people per day in the ballroom both on and off the floor. It’s a show you won’t want to miss.

Wednesday’s dinner is for VIP package holders and will culminate in a Chocolate and Champagne (two of my favourite words) welcome party for all from 8pm to 10 pm...and fireworks over the Falls.

Thursday is the first day of competition. All Pro-Am Standard and Latin runs until dinner, with special Disco Club Night starting at 7pm. Friday is tall Rhythm all the time, all levels of Showdances and an evening theme of Steampunk Country (think Wild Wild West). Saturday is when Smooth dancers get a chance to shine. After dinner the show begins! And don’t forget your toga because the last night is when the heroes of Olympus descend upon us. The show begins at 8pm...and don’t forget the after party at the Hard Rock Cafe. The final day, Sunday, is the day for amateur couples in Standard and Latin to close off what will surely have been an unforgettable four days.


If you’re new to the Tulip Classic then you are in for a treat! Every year the TC offers attendees the option to dress up according to different themes. And this year looks like way too much fun. Thursday evening is Disco Club Night. Show us your bell bottoms! The theme for Friday evening is Steampunk Country. Denim, boots, cowboy hats...or add a steampunk twist. Your choice! (1) And Saturday...well, Saturday you are invited to into the presence of the heroes of Olympus. Togas and sandals and laurel leaf crowns and whatever else you can think of!


And naturally, iLoveDanceShoes will be there for all of it! We’ll have a booth on site from Wednesday, June 5th in the evening to the morning of Sunday, June 9th. We’ll have our collection with us...including some new models that haven’t yet been featured in our catalogue! We can’t wait to show them off. We have something for everyone from beginners to pros, from practice shoes to competition shoes to dance shoes for a night out on the town. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about size and customization so that you can find the perfect shoe to showcase your steps.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets, get your sparkle and come see us in Niagara. We’re looking to talking with you!

For more detailed information about the competition, please visit the Tulip Classic Website:

See you on the floor.

  1. If you have no idea what we mean by “Steampunk”, check out the following article on Wikipedia: Steampunk is awesome. And have some Wild Wild West while we’re at it:

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