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What About Outdoor Dance Shoes?

What About Outdoor Dance Shoes?

It is finally OUTDOOR dancing season! There are many dancing events ahead all season long.  We know what you’re thinking, “How am I supposed to protect my delicate suede pair before they get destroyed in less than a minute outside dancing?”

Dancing with indoor shoes, or the wrong type of shoes is like joining a marathon with flip flops. (That sounds horrific! ) Well, you’re in luck! This is where exactly I Love Dance Shoes will join our conversation. 

We have a wide variety of shoes that are suitable for outdoor dancing that will help smooth out those movements and protect against injury. Featuring a unique three part sole, they are designed with proprietary technology that provides superior control of balance and improved sliding; moreover the sole won’t wear out on asphalt and concrete outside! 

Keep the beat going all day with our outdoor dance shoes. All of our dance shoes are designed for the strenuous demands of outdoor dancing. They feature extra cushioning for comforting your feet all day long, under the sun and moon. All of our practice shoes have a 1-inch heel. Many of the styles can be worn by both men and women, so you'll be able to get the look that you want.

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Agile Women's Outdoor Dance Shoes:





Agile Men's Outdoor Dance Shoes 



Leo Men's Outdoor Dance Shoes  




Urban Unisex Outdoor Dance Shoes


Our Outdoor Dance Shoe Collection all great shoes for any style of dance and will provide you with endless comfort and stability whether you’re just learning, out for a good time, or you’re a pro!

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