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What About Outdoor Dance Shoes?

on June 08, 2021  in TIPS & ADVICE


Well, summer is here (I promise) and there are a lot of outdoor dance events headed your way! But dancing outdoors, especially on asphalt and concrete, will destroy your suede-soled shoes in .05 seconds flat. So what’s a dancer to do?

Well, keep in mind that if you are dancing on asphalt or concrete you will have to step through turns no matter what you have on your feet or you’ll risk twisting a muscle. At iLoveDanceShoes we have a wide variety of shoes that are suitable for outdoor dancing that will help smooth out those movements and protect against injury.

None of the dance shoes listed below have a suede sole, as suede will wear very quickly on communal floors and concrete, but are crafted with special technology that will allow you to pivot -- even on concrete. All of our outdoor dance shoes offer extra cushioning to ensure comfort when dancing on unforgiving surfaces -- you can still dance for long hours under the sun and stars. All of these shoes have a 1-inch heel, but can be customized lower upon request. Furthermore, many of the styles can be worn by both men and women.

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agile practice dance shoe

Agile (top)


Agile (sole)











The Agile, Grayson, Leo and Hammerlock are all great shoes for any style of dance and will provide you with endless comfort and stability whether you’re just learning, out for a good time, or you’re a pro!

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