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Why Dance Shoes Make the Perfect Wedding and Party Shoes!

Why Dance Shoes Make the Perfect Wedding and Party Shoes!

Your wedding is a special day. One that brings together the people you love in celebration of a shared life ahead. A day filled with love, dancing, and good people.

It’s also a long day. And ladies, if you’re going to be in heels all day a) power to you, and b) we’ve got you covered. After all, who says your wedding shoes have to be uncomfortable?

At iLoveDanceShoes we make fully customizable dance shoes that can go from the street to the dance floor seamlessly. Our dance shoes are perfect for partying the night (and day!) away since they are comfortable, flexible, and designed to be worn for long and active periods. Three layers of lamb leather ensure that your feet are well-cushioned and with our options for colour, material, heel height and style you can customize your shoes to match your dress and your personality.



Dance shoes are the ideal bridal shoe for several reasons. First, the heel. The average heel on a dance shoe is 2.5 inches (or lower if you choose) and is placed in the center of the heel, so it’s farther forward than street shoes. The placement of the heel provides dancers (and brides, in this case!) with extra stability. The extra stability will reduce fatigue as you spend the night on your feet socializing and, of course, burning it up on the dance floor. Since the balance is a little different, we recommend taking some time to get used to them. Wear them around the house before the big day (and maybe practice your Rumba while you’re at it?)

Next, the material. Dance shoes are designed to be flexible and to move with a dancer’s foot, so the material we use is also flexible and comfortable. Our shoes are crafted from satin, patent leather, and suede (with additional rhinestone embellishments, depending on the model). Furthermore, dancers put a lot of pressure on their feet, so our dance shoes are engineered to be as supportive as possible. All our dance shoes have a soft and supportive inner sole made from three layers of suede. This will cushion your movements as you glide across the dance floor or stand still for photos.

Next, a word about the outer sole. Dance shoes customarily have suede soles (1), which will tear easily on concrete – but never fear! We can make your shoe with a leather sole, so you can transition from inside to outside without worrying that you’ll ruin your shoes.

Finally, customization. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. New shoes are a must. And if you want them in blue, we can do that. And we can add sparkle. Or if you’re going for a more traditional look, we have a variety of neutral tones available as well as white and silver. Choose your shoe then the material along with heel height and style and away you go! If you choose to opt for a leather sole, please be sure to mention it.

After all…why have a shoe you can only wear once? Here are some examples of dance shoes that would make perfect wedding shoes (to go to the product page, click on the product image):

brilliant ladies latin dance shoe

Brilliant peep-toe Latin dance shoe


padma butterfly ladies latin shoe

Padma Latin dance shoe in white


lara ladies ballroom shoe


Lara Ladies Ballroom dance shoe (available in white or light pink), on special request only


Kristen ladies Ballroom dance shoe


And these are just some examples. We've put together a page of our favorite dance shoes for weddings and parties. You can visit the collection HERE.

At iLoveDanceShoes we believe shoes should be fun and stylish as well as comfortable. Let us help you find the right shoe for your big day.

See you on the floor.


(1) The exception to this is Argentine tango shoes which have leather soles.



Article updated 3 November 2018

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