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Customize your wedding shoes for a perfect pair to match your perfect day!

Posted on May 04 2016

Your dance shoes are, of course, for dancing! So why not wear them to an event that brings together dancing, love, and good times?

iLoveDanceShoes dance shoes make perfect party shoes or bridal shoes since they are comfortable, flexible, and made for moving around in for long periods of time. Not to mention the fact that with iLoveDanceShoes, you can customize your shoes to match you dress, in the exact style and look you want.

Dance shoes are the ideal wedding dance shoes for a number of reasons. First, the heel. The average heel on a dance shoe is 2.5 inches and has centered heel. The heel is firmly placed in the middle of the heel, which is slightly further forward than regular heels. This provides dancers, or brides, with extra stability as they walk around all night talking to friends and family and of course, on the dance floor.


Dance shoes are also make with flexible, comfortable material. Dancers put a lot of pressure on their feet, so dance shoes are engineered to be as comfortable and supportive as possible. Whether the upper part of the shoe is made from patent, leather, or suede, all of our dance shoes have a soft and supportive sole made from suede. This will absorb your movements as you move across the dance floor with your new life partner, while your family and friends look on

Custom dance shoes from iLoveDanceShoes make the perfect party dance shoes, and is there a bigger party of the year than your wedding? We have a number of pairs of shoes that are perfect for wedding and bridal dance shoes.

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