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Le Chic is BACK!

on April 11, 2018  in PRESS

Grab your dance shoes and grab your sparkle because Le Chic de la Danse is BACK! And this year, it’s coming early -- mark your calendars for April 28th and 29th because the Hotel Mortagne in Boucherville will be THE place to be.

(Yes, we are excited. How did you know?)

Sanctioned by the Canadian Dancesport Federation and the National Dance Council of Canada, this event features both International and American style dance from amateurs, pros, and pro-am dancers.

Oh. And did we mention that there’s a live band? Because there is. Pretty sweet. We can’t wait. For any of it. Come find us! We’ll be there all weekend and have the latest in dance shoes for you try.

We’re looking forward to sharing this event with you!

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