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Sometimes the Right Dance Shoe...Is a Dance Boot

Sometimes the Right Dance Shoe...Is a Dance Boot

Dance boots.

Say what?

I said: Dance boots. You want them. Trust me.

These beauties are the latest in dance fashion and perfect for all your Latin dancing needs. They’ll heat up your rumba and salsa with serious style. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable and STYLIN’, but our dance boots are all hand crafted. No machines were used.

What are they made of? Microfibre with black rhinestones (because rhinestones make everything better). Microfibre is a new and versatile, hi-tech material that meets the highest requirements for comfort and appearance. It has a soft feel and is also breathable, antiseptic, and washable by hand.

"And what about the fit?" you ask.

Excellent question. As with all dance shoes, the same general rule applies: snug but comfortable. There are some additional things to consider and some terminology that may be unfamiliar, so we've broken it down.

When trying on a dance boot, make sure that the counter is snug. Not enough to give you a rub, but enough to hold your heel in place as it is designed to do. If the counter fits loosely, your feet and ankles will not be supported properly. In the image below, the arrows are pointing to the counter of the boot.

Other things to consider are how your longitudinal and metatarsal arches feel while wearing the boots. The following diagram is taken from Orthopedic Taping, Wrapping, Bracing, & Padding, 3rd ed. by Joel W. Beam.

Your longitudinal arch and metatarsal arch should feel well supported, and the boot should be comfortably snug around the metatarsal area. In a closed-toe boot (we have them too!), you should have room to move your toes.

So let us help you find that fit! Because sometimes the right dance a dance boot. (click on the image to go the product page for a full description)

felicia peep-toe dance boot

Ladies Felicia Peep-toe Dance Boot

vestia ladies dance boot

Ladies Vestia Peep-toe Dance Boot

Artemis ladies dance boot

Artemis Ladies Dance Boot

simone closed-toe dance boot

Simone Closed-toe Dance Boot

audra closed-toe dance boot

Audra Closed-toe Dance Boot

On a personal note, I own the Felicia Peep-Toe and not only are they sexiest thing I have put on my feet but they are also incredibly comfortable. If you've never tried a dance boot, you want to. It changes the way you hold yourself entirely and makes you want to strut. As you should.

Tango, anyone?

You can shop the whole collection HERE.

Go ahead. Express yourself.

We'll see you on the floor.


  • Hi Diane! We’ve actually got an entire article about how to clean and care for dance shoes. You can read it here:

    - ilovedanceshoes
  • Lovely write up. Can you share tips on how to clean the inside of a dance shoe? I can’t wear stockings due to burning and rubbing sensation when dancing, hence, I dance bare foot for that great fit.

    - Diane Smith

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