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Sometimes the right dance a dance boot

Posted on October 06 2018

Dance boots.

Say what?

I said: Dance boots. You want them. Trust me.

These beauties are the latest in dance fashion and perfect for all your Latin dancing needs. They’ll heat up your rumba and salsa with serious style. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable and STYLIN’, but our dance boots are all hand crafted. No machines were used.

What are they made of? Microfibre with black rhinestones (because rhinestones make everything better). Microfibre is a new and versatile, hi-tech material that meets the highest requirements for comfort and appearance. It has a soft feel and is also breathable, antiseptic, and washable by hand.

So here's what we have for you! (click on the image to go the product page for a full description)


felicia peep-toe dance boot

Ladies Felicia Peep-toe Dance Boot


priscilla peep-toe dance boot

Ladies Priscilla Peep-toe Dance Boot


valentia open-toe snake effect dance boot

Ladies Valentia Peep-toe Dance Boot


vestia ladies dance boot

Ladies Vestia Peep-toe Dance Boot

Go ahead. Express yourself.

We'll see you on the floor.

About the author

Anna Humphrey
Author and Dancer
Anna thinks she might have been born dancing. She spent several years as a ballerina and is now in love with ballroom dancing...and just a little obsessed with tango and bolero and peabody and...all of it, really. Her studio is her home away from home. When not dancing, she can be found reading, writing, and traveling. And drinking copious amounts of tea.


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