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Why Top Dance Professionals Love iLoveDanceShoes

Why Top Dance Professionals Love iLoveDanceShoes

iLoveDanceShoes asked some of the top dance performers, studio owners, and instructors why they choose shoes from iLoveDanceShoes. They let us know what it is that they look for in a shoe for both practicing and performing and how iLoveDanceShoes is able to meet and exceed all of their needs as dancers.

Style, stability, and comfort were all the top of all of the dancers' lists. Christopher Panasuk of the Arthur Murray Montreal Studio and three time Canadian Smooth Champion suggested that once you find a shoe that works, you just buy a new pair when the old one wears out. Your foot gets used to a certain style of shoe and therefore it's much easier as a dancer to just keep buying the same pair.

While Lynda Hamilton, Top Student at La Classique du Quebec and Crystal Leaf & Can-Am DanSeSport, explained how she had previously had issues finding shoes that would work for her feet since she needed a wider sole. iLoveDanceShoes is able to provide comfortable shoes for her to wear for long periods of time.

Watch the video below to see what all of the top dance professionals said they love about iLoveDanceShoes!

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