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Liam Men's Dance Shoe

Anton Lebedev, Sharon Levit & Dmitry Ilyushenov Discuss Liam Men's Dance Shoe

The Liam is the latest men dance shoe that is perfect for ballroom, salsa and all other kinds of Latin dance! This handsome shoe is perfect for either practice, teaching, or performance.

April 04, 2017  in Interviews
Brush suede soled dance shoes

How to brush suede soled dance shoes

One downside to suede though is that with continued wear, the nap looses its gripping ability. If you look at the sole of a worn dance shoe, you'll notice that it is quite shiny and doesn't have the gripping ability as a less worn dance shoe. Luckily, this is easily fixed with a suede brush!
December 12, 2016  in TIPS & ADVICE
Picking perfect dance shoes

Beginners: picking the perfect pair of dance shoes

When you're just starting out, the world of dance shoes...
December 12, 2016  in TIPS & ADVICE
Normal street shoes

Why can I not dance in normal street shoes?

One of the most asked questions, when it comes to...
March 10, 2016  in TIPS & ADVICE
Choosing right heel

How to choose the right heel for your new dance shoes

One of the benefits of ordering your dance shoes from iLoveDanceShoes is the ability to customize your shoe to be exactly what you need no matter your style or level of dance.
February 25, 2016  in TIPS & ADVICE