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One single miracle: Water

One single miracle: Water

In order to adequately hydrate your body (especially dancers who always forget to hydrate before hours of practice), it is important to constantly think of ways that you can increase your water intake.
5 Exercises to Improve Dancing

5 Exercises to Improve Dancing

Looking to improve your dancing skills? Like everybody else, physical activities are must for dancers to reach their higher potential. If you want to dance stronger and become more flexible, we have couple exercises for you to improve your performance.
Passion for Dancing

Live to Dance, Dance to Live: Dancing for Passion & Health

Dance is a passion. Some compete. Some perform. Some teach. Some dance socially. Some do it all. But once you start, no matter which route you take, the dance takes over. It becomes more than just a hobby and the phrase “I can’t, I have dance” becomes a regular part of your vocabulary.
February 11, 2022  in HEALTH & FITNESS
Back into the Swing of Things: How to ease back into your dance routine

Back into the Swing of Things: How to ease back into your dance routine

Things are finally getting back to normal(ish). And glitter be praised, that includes dance. But easing back into your pre-pandemic dance training routine can be tricky. Here are some ways to help you do it safely, so you'll be on the competition floor as soon as possible!
Coping with Dance Injury

Suck It Up and Dance: Coping with an injury

You're an athlete. That means at some point, you will probably hurt yourself -- either from moving wrong or from overuse. And if it's the first time it's ever happened, it's scary. This how I coped...and kept on dancing.
May 25, 2021  in HEALTH & FITNESS
Dance Competition Nutrition

You Are What You Eat: Pre-Dance Competition Nutrition (Guest Blog)

With competition in full swing, it can sometimes be hard...
November 12, 2020  in HEALTH & FITNESS

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