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What is Jive Dance?

What is Jive Dance?

The Jive is a lively and energetic dance that is...
August 09, 2022  in History of Dance
Light Up the Night: Dances of Celebration

Light Up the Night: Dances of Celebration

It’s December, the days are short, the nights are long, and it can be hard to remember where to find the light.That being said, December is still a month that marks celebrations. So to help bring some light, here are some holiday traditions and, yes, dances of celebration!

December 12, 2021  in History of Dance
Ukraine Dance Culture

Dances of the World: Ukraine

Our world is rich in diversity, and dance is a universal language, a part of every culture. So welcome to this new series, where we are about to embark upon a world tour…of dance.
August 11, 2021  in History of Dance
Same-Sex Dancesport Pride

Pride: Same-Sex Dancesport

Throughout the decades, dancesport has evolved in terms of costuming, styling, technique, and choice/style of music, even in judging. Now in the year 2020, there is another shift occurring: same-sex or same-gender partnerships. But the struggle for equality wasn't birthed overnight. 
June 08, 2021  in History of Dance
Dance in Film

The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing: Dance in Film

Well, alright. It’s January. And it’s still winter. And we're in lockdown again. And we all miss dancing. So in an attempt to remind us what we love and why we love it, I've put together a list of some of my favourite dance scenes from film. I've chosen the slightly random number of 11, and if I've missed one you love tell me what it is in the comments!
February 11, 2021  in History of Dance
Origins of tango

Sad, Sensual, Sexy. Violent, & Quiet: The Origins of Tango

The weather is hot and sultry, and the sun beats down on the courtyard of the tenement block. Guitars and the bandoneon form a melody staccato, legato. Dancers keep time, leg movements sharp and precise. Glances are heated. There is desire. There is a struggle, perhaps.

It is passion incarnate.

It is Tango.

January 11, 2020  in History of Dance

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