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Dancing 1920's

A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody: Dances of the 1920s

1920. The beginning of what would come to be known as the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age. World War I had ended and the world was giddy, full of euphoria. And the Foxtrot, Peabody, and Charleston are reflections of that.
December 01, 2019  in History of Dance

The Joy of Life: A Closer Look at Samba

Beneath a bright sun and the fronds of palm trees, the streets are packed with floats and people moving to the beat of the drum, tamborim, and the ganzá. The energy rises in waves, hotter than the sun beating down on the pavement. People are singing, laughing, dancing, moving with the joy of the dance and the joy of being alive. This is Carnaval in Rio. And this is Samba.
May 17, 2019  in History of Dance
Dance Slow Viennese Waltz

A Dance With the Sublime: Slow & Viennese Waltz

“Waltz is boring”. I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it. And if you actually think it, then I guess you didn’t know you’re dancing the most scandalous, downright indecent dance of the 19th century, did you? Did I get your attention? Because I’m not done. And hopefully by the time I am, the Waltz and the Viennese Waltz will no longer be “boring”.

November 03, 2018  in History of Dance
Origins of Salsa

Hot Hot HOT: A Look at the Origins of Salsa

So…you think you know Salsa? (I mean the dance, not the dip – which is, admittedly, delicious. But not the point of this article.)

April 11, 2018  in History of Dance
Bolero Dance of Love

The Dance of Love: A Closer Look at Bolero

The lights are dim, the scents of wine and roses fill the air, and the music playing is slow and sensual. The dancers on the floor rise and fall, glide backwards and forwards, bodies close. This is not Rumba. This is Bolero. And it is beautiful.
March 07, 2018  in History of Dance
Swing Dance

It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing!) : Lindy Hop and the origins of East Coast Swing

The East Coast Swing, that wonderfully rockin' dance, comes from a time when life was hard and people didn't have a lot of money...but they knew how to dance it out.

January 31, 2018  in History of Dance

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