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The Perfect Shoes to Help Dancers and Instructors Adapt to Online Training

The Perfect Shoes to Help Dancers and Instructors Adapt to Online Training

2020 took us all by storm (and kicking and screaming, if I'm honest). Covid-19 forced us into isolation to slow the spread of the virus -- and those of us in the dancesport world were devastated. Dance is not just something we do -- it's something we live and breathe. 

dance is your pulse your heartbeat your breathing rhythm of your life

Studios were forced close to the public, competitions were cancelled, and dancers everywhere tried (and are maybe still trying) to adjust to new ways of training, accompanied with the struggle to find motivation amidst the chaos.

But, as they say, "necessity is the mother of invention". And dancers are nothing if not resourceful.

Through various platforms, training and coaching has continued online. Ironically, this pandemic has connected dancers and coaches with other professionals and amateurs throughout the industry that they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to connect with. Instructors you once only dreamed studying under are now available at the click of a button. This fact alone may have you considering online dance classes now if you haven’t had the chance to try them.

However, while training from home it is more important than ever to wear the proper shoes for the floor on which you are temporarily training. The right shoes will help protect your knees, ankles, and feet.

Dancers training on hardwood floors

This is the most commonly used floor surface for dancesport training. In most studios, there is a rubber floor installed underneath the hardwood floor to further cushion dancers' joints. In your home, you most likely do not have this added protection, so you will need to compensate through your shoe (and it's cheaper than redoing your floors, although I did think about it...). As is the case with hardwood floors, it is important to wear shoes with a suede sole to avoid slipping. You may also want to try a shoe with a lower heel height, or a more supportive practice shoe, to provide your body with enhanced comfort and protection.

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The Champagne Practice Shoes

Champagne Practice Shoes

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Lotsia Red Lips

The Blade Practice Shoes


The Blade Practice Shoes ( Bottom)

The Electrik Practice Shoes (Pink)

Electrik Blue


Dancers training on concrete floors (outdoor surfaces)

With the warm weather here (finally), it is important to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Not only is getting outside essential for your physical and mental health, but if you have limited space indoors, this is the perfect opportunity to train outdoors. If you find yourself training outdoors, we recommend the Agile and the Graydon. These shoes offer extra cushioning and are composed of flexible canvas material that breathes easily. The sole offers extra cushioning for your joints and is made of rubber, designed specifically for dancers and to be worn outside.

The Agile Practice Shoes ( Bottom)

The Graydon Practice Shoes

Regardless of the situation in your area, it is important to continue to invest in yourself and your training. Using the proper shoes is essential to avoiding injuries. 

As a dance shoe company, our job is to provide our dancers with the best quality of shoes. We are constantly working towards bringing you more comfort, flexibility, and protection -- all with even lighter dance shoes. And we do all this without sacrificing our signature style. That way you can be confident that you will not only look your best when you step out onto that dance floor, but your feet and joints will be well-protected.

We are here to support you during these crazy times. We promise to take care of your feet so you can safely continue to train while remaining healthy and happy at home.

And we will see you on the dance floor...soon. 




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