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Same-Sex Dancesport Pride

Pride: Same-Sex Dancesport

Throughout the decades, dancesport has evolved in terms of costuming, styling, technique, and choice/style of music, even in judging. Now in the year 2020, there is another shift occurring: same-sex or same-gender partnerships. But the struggle for equality wasn't birthed overnight. 
June 08, 2021  in History of Dance
Passion for Dancing

Live to Dance, Dance to Live: Dancing for Passion & Health

Dance is a passion. Some compete. Some perform. Some teach. Some dance socially. Some do it all. But once you start, no matter which route you take, the dance takes over. It becomes more than just a hobby and the phrase “I can’t, I have dance” becomes a regular part of your vocabulary.
May 25, 2021  in HEALTH & FITNESS
Coping with Dance Injury

Suck It Up and Dance: Coping with an injury

You're an athlete. That means at some point, you will probably hurt yourself -- either from moving wrong or from overuse. And if it's the first time it's ever happened, it's scary. This how I coped...and kept on dancing.
May 25, 2021  in HEALTH & FITNESS

Get the Perfect Look: How to Customize Your Dance Shoes!

At iLoveDanceShoes we understand that dance shoes must have the perfect fit and style. And we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our online customization options and made them easier to use!
April 25, 2021  in News
Choosing Argentine Tango Shoe

How to Choose an Argentine Tango Shoe

Why do we need dance shoes? Like any sport, we need the right equipment so that we can perform our best. Argentine Tango is no exception. 
April 25, 2021  in GUIDES & TIPS
Inside a Dancer's Bag

Inside the Dancer's Bag: How to pack for a dance competition

How, exactly, should you pack for a dance competition? Whether you’re new to the competition scene or whether you’ve done several, we’ve put together a checklist to help keep you sorted with everything from cosmetics to costumes to toiletries to (most importantly?): snacks.
April 25, 2021  in COMPETITION ADVICE