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Can-Am Dancesport Gala 2021

De Retour: Can-Am Dancesport Gala 2021!

Dancers! Get your rhinestones and your shoes and all the glitter you possibly can because baby, the Can-Am is back from October 8-10, 2021. 
September 21, 2021  in Events
Canada Salsa Conference

Caliente!: The Canadian Salsa & Bachata Conference IS BACK!

The Canada Salsa Conference is set to celebrate it’s 14th anniversary next month! Though they are unable to host the usual 5 day conference due to health restrictions, you can nevertheless be sure that the Midtown Event Theatre is going to heat up the fall in a way you won't forget.
September 21, 2021  in Events
How to Choose Dance Shoe

Starting Out: How to Choose Your First Dance Shoe

When you're just starting out, the world of dance shoes can be overwhelming. You may even be wondering why you can’t dance in the shoes you already have. After all, what’s the difference? There are so many options, from colour to heel to style…let us help you decode. And find that perfect dance shoe for your level.
September 21, 2021  in TIPS & ADVICE
NDCC Championship

The Canadian Crown is BACK, Baby!: NDCC CCC 2021

The NDCC’S Canadian Closed Championships is BACK, and we’re already packed and ready to go, even if it is still two weeks away. That’s fine. We’re fine. We can wait. (No we can’t). Read on for all the details we have!
August 11, 2021  in EventsNews
Ukraine Dance Culture

Dances of the World: Ukraine

Our world is rich in diversity, and dance is a universal language, a part of every culture. So welcome to this new series, where we are about to embark upon a world tour…of dance.
August 11, 2021  in History of Dance
Outdoor Dance Shoes

What About Outdoor Dance Shoes?

Well, summer is coming (I promise) and there are a lot of outdoor dance events headed your way! But dancing outdoors, especially on asphalt and concrete, will destroy your suede-soled shoes in .05 seconds flat. So what’s a dancer to do? We've got you covered!
June 08, 2021  in TIPS & ADVICE